Tour of Pompeii

Pompeii is the largest and most famous excavated ancient city in the world. In 79 AD Mount Vesuvius exploded and the eruption covered the city with a thick layer of ashes that preserved frescoes and walls intact for centuries.

Our guide will take you to the most interesting sites of Pompeii making you save energy and time while explaining in details the places you visit.

You will climb the steps and seat in the Ancient theatre, walk down the main shopping roads, explore the restaurants, the mills, the warehouses, the pleasure houses. We will enter the Ancient thermal baths still covered with colorful mosaics and paintings. We will visit the rich mansions of the wealthy class, lavishly decorated.

You will feel like jumping back in time to the I century AD and you will learn so much about people’s Ancient way of living and history. You must visit Pompeii at least once in your life.


  1. We are looking at doing the Blue Grotto tour and Pompeii on the 26th of June i.e. Day after tomorrow. Could you email with details of price, availability and the description of what the tour will cover. Thanks

  2. Lila Lawler says

    What is the cost of this tour for six people. Our ship will be docked in Naples on August 15.

  3. Raven Ford says

    How can I purchase in advance 3 adult tickets for the tour of pompeii?

  4. Greg Gorman says

    Hello there,

    We are a party of three adult men who are interested in visiting Pompei, Capri and the Blue grotto and the cable lift, Herculaneum, Mount Vesuvius….What can you good folk offer us? Suggestions or itineraries, prices, etc. We are there for a full six days.


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