Blue Grotto Tour

Blue GrottoIt is the most famous place on the island of Capri,the most spectacular and without doubt,at least during the tourist season, one of the most crowded.

Its name and beauty are due to the intense blue color of the crystal-water in this cave formed over the millenniums by the erosive action of the sea.

The cave consists of several enclosures:the largest of these, known as “Duomo Azzurro”, which is accessed through a natural opening artificially widened in Roman times and around 1830 ,covers a surface area of about 70 m length, 25 m in width and 20-22 m in depth: the height of the internal vault ranges from 7 to 14 m. From this main cavity lead many corridors and passages to other underground ravines.

The light is filtered by the water which absorbs the red tones, leaving only the blue ones to pass into the cave. A second phenomenon creates the silver appearance of the objec

ts immersed in the water: given that the index of refraction of the bubbles of air which adhere to the surface of the objects is different to that of the water, the light is allowed to egress.

It is believed that, in the Roman period, under the rule of Tiberius, the interior of the Grotta Azzurra or Blue Grotto was used as a marine nymphaeum.

There have been those who imagined the cave as the habitat of Nereidi or of Sirens or believed it to be the realm of devils who bewitched all who dared to enter.

Unfortunately this amazing cave is open one day out of four about 90 days a year, it depends on the tides and of course also if the sea is little rough is closed because the entrance of this magical cave is about 1 meter high.

Capri Tour from anywhere in the bay of Naples

A gorgeous family in Capri with us

A gorgeous family in Capri with us

The island of Capri is one of Italy’s most well-known celebrity hang outs.

What better way to experience then through the eyes of our Italian and English speaking Tour Guide! No Need to worry about times, trains, taxi’s or translations: we do it all for you!!

The day begins after your private guide has lead you from your hotel or cruise ship to the jetfoils to Capri’s main port Marina Grande . Here we make our way directly to the Blue Grotto which is open one day out of four. The Blue Grotto or the Grotta Azzurra is a rich and thrilling experience that only comes once in a lifetime. With our services there is no wait to see this World’s Natural Wonder. *Please note this is weather permitting.

Next in our air-conditioned mini bus or white taxi convertible we head up to Anacapri via the “Oh My God Road” (the name explains it all!). Along these twists and turns you can view the natural lemon groves and the villa’s mansion and hotels of those lucky enough to live on this exclusive island.

Anacapri offers many fantastic views and experiences. Whether it’s relaxing on a chairlift to Mount Solaro 589 meters high or touring and learning the history of Villa San Michele, you will understand and appreciate the lifestyle of this island. While enjoying the views of the Amalfi Coast, Naples and Capri you also will have free time for lunch or shopping.

Look for the famous custom shoe-maker of the island. These sandals are Capri’s pastime! Next stop, back to the main center to La Piazzetta. As a celebrity hangout you will be sure to find the world’s best shopping and cuisine. You also are just steps away from Capri’s island made perfume. Carthusia is a man and women fragrance going back to the Roman times!

After some more free time we make our way down the famous streets to the Garden of Augustus. The gardens are full of beauty and life with spectacular views of the coastline. The Faraglioni rocks in the sea are just one of the many views from this photo point!

Following the gardens it’s time to grab one last lemon granita as we make our way back to the main port of Marina Grande on the railway. Capri’s funicular (railway) will be the perfect way to end the evening with a ride through the lemon groves.