Zina Richter and her husband Pynith Char created the popular

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Replica Bags A couple who used their garage as an office has turned a small idea into a $35 million ($37.4m) empire.They both had an idea to create a hand cream that was not just for beauty purposes, but for people with medical issues, tradies, doctors and people who had hands on jobs.Mr Char was an accountant and Ms Richter worked in the nutrition department of a hospital Replica Handbags, but they threw it all in to take a huge risk.Ms Richter first got the idea for the skincare products after she saw patients in the dietetics department of the hospital where she worked.A number of diabetics were suffering from skin conditions but there was nothing on the market they could buy from their local chemist.”I saw a lot of patients who tried all products on the market and there was nothing available Fake Bags,” she said.Ms Richter and Mr Char have a long time friend who is a formulator and could help them develop their creams from their garage.The couple would give him a list of ingredients and he would create the product.”It was a long, hard slog,” Ms Richter said.Zina Richter and her husband Pynith Char created the popular DU’IT products. Photo / SuppliedThe DU’IT skincare products were established in 2001 Designer Replica Bags, and the couple began a long five year journey of trying to get somebody to pay attention to their product.Their parents and children helped them call retail stores and hospitals until finally they got their big break.Their products were recognised, and pharmacies like Priceline and Chemist Warehouse began stocking it on a trial basis.But the products sold well, so the pharmacies kept it on the shelves.Major supermarkets like Woolworths also began stocking the brand, but never did the couple expect their business to take off even further. The company is now worth about $35 million.The company focused their strategy, and looked at ways they could tap into a growing demand for skincare products in China.”We started our growth in China a couple of years ago through Daigou, a community of (Australian based) shopping agents who buy things for Chinese mainland residents,” Ms Richter said.Inside Orbis Australasia’s factory, which used to be in Zina Richter’s garage Replica Bags.

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