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The house looked out onto the Coosaw River, which flowed to St. Helena Sound and the Atlantic. Winds bathed the house all day, keeping insects at bay. Also the activity in stock options is really low.jitesh: How shall one trade in the F of index heavyweights on the expiry day?Nithin Kamath: There is no preset strategy to trade on expiry day, all you have to be careful is about not letting your in the money options expire (you rather sell it on the exchange rather than holding it till the close of trading on the expiry day. The reason for this is because the STT on expired options which are in the money goes up significantly.rajat: plz enlighten us on 5 must dos and don’ts while trading in F Kamath: The most important rule while trading f is to be very conservative, since there is a risk of losing money fast, risk only that which you can afford to lose, ideally should not exceed more than 15 to 20% of your investible capital.bhanu: what is implied volatility mean? How can I calculate it?Nithin Kamath: IV of an option contract is the value of volatility of the underlying instrument. Most trading platforms have an in built tool to calculate IV, this is typically using the Black Scholes model..

But the search is not over. I urge the Coast Guard in the strongest possible terms to continue searching until our boys are found.There are no immediate plans to tow the boys capsized boat to shore, but the Coast Guard will start to make those decisions if the teens aren found by sunset, a spokesman said.the search is completely over and done with, then they going to start forming a plan, Petty Office Stephen Lehmann said.Fedor said the Coast Guard will consider resuming a search effort if they receive any credible information that the boys might still be alive. For now, he said he hoped the families might one day take comfort in knowing how many people searched around the clock for their missing sons..

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