UNC and State tie for fourth place

Next stop, the fabled Omni Parker House Hotel where the State Dessert was the main course Boston Cream Pie. As we continue to add up the calories, Galo offers more history, the Parker House is the place where JFK proposed to Jackie O. Finally the tour takes you to the Langham House where they expand your chocolate options and your waistline.

UNC and State tie for fourth place: Still to be determined. If the Tar Heels lose to Duke, the Wolfpack would get the spot by virtue of its 1 1 record against the Blue Devils (UNC would be 0 2). If the Tar Heels beat Duke and still end up with the same record as State, they would get the bye on the strength of its 1 1 record against Virginia (the Wolfpack went 0 1 against the Cavaliers).

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