spreading it around their edges

The Government has the ultimate right to force the county to comply with its higher housing figure, and Mr Gummer has already overruled attempts by Kent, Berkshire and Bedfordshire to plan for lower numbers than the Government proposed for them.Hampshire plans to accommodate most of the new housing inside towns and villages, in line with the Government’s new target, but intends 14,000 homes to be built on four large greenfield areas next to Basingstoke, Andover and the commuter sprawl that has grown up north of Southampton and Portsmouth.These development areas are a more rational, sustainable option than cramming the new housing into the county’s villages and towns equally, or spreading it around their edges, the county is arguing at a public inquiry into the council’s structure plan for development over the next 15 years.However, Eagle Star, the property and insurance giant, wants planning permission for a “newtown” at Micheldever Junction, in the open countryside between Basingstoke and Winchester.The company has options to buy extensive farmland there and envisages 8,000 homes in a private sector “market town” with its own railway station on the London to Southampton line. The county opposes this.Around all four of the big development areas, countryside and village dwellers have banded to oppose the big new suburbs. The largest of these developments would bridge the mile wide gap between Basingstoke and the pretty dormitory village of Oakley, with 4,500 homes.Gary Rolfe, a self employed craftsman who leads the Save Oakley Village Action Group (Sovag), said: “It would totally change our village’s character, turning it into a suburb.” Sovag’s car stickers shout: “Say No to Oakleygate.”The Council for the Protection of Rural England says much more could and should be done to find space for new homes in cities like Southampton, which are still de populating, and so encourage developers to come in.St Mary’s and Bevois Valley, a large inner city tract east of Southampton’s centre, has been earmarked by central and local government for a major regeneration programme.

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