Rose to stardom as a quarterback for Mater Dei High School and

A second major trend for summer 2012 is going to be the chain strap. All of the trendy designers are introducing bags with chain straps this season, but my top pick in this category has to be the Sloan Clutch by Michael Kors. This MK Bag combines the top two summer handbag trends in one perfect little clutch.

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Prada Handbags The first and greatest Weird Comics superhero was Thor, God of Thunder, which got a little confusing when, five issues later, they added a second, less amazing Thor to the comic: “Dynamite” Thor, The Explosion Man. He was a combination of all the crappiest parts of Bruce Wayne and Timothy McVeigh, a wealthy miner who used his knowledge of explosives to bomb crime! His adventures were almost too obvious to be called stories. He heard about crime, went to the crime, then blew it up with dynamite Prada Handbags.

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