I hope I’m wrong

That being said, I hope I’m wrong. But we’ve seen this same old song and dance before. The Yanks are pressing and the bats better start waking up! I’ll be in Boston in Septemor ber to witness my first ever live major league game against the Yanks. If he can’t soothe himself in the middle of the night by this age, there’s probably some part of his bedtime routine that he can’t do on his own: a song, a story tapeor you sitting cross legged with a grapefruit balanced on your head. Developmentally, too, this is a tricky time, since a child is old enough to figure out that the minute he closes his eyes you’ll leave, his pacifier will drop out of sightand his music will squeak to a halt. The bottom will fall out of his world.

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After the show, she was standing in a group of people, including Trump, who she said was standing next to her but slightly behind her. She felt a hand on one of her buttocks. She initially thought she might have bumped a camera bag but turned around and saw Trump behind her looking away..

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