Each one of these moves says to the people

MiaSol FLEX 02 thin film modules allow owners of existing low live load capacity carports the ability to add solar power generation without the need to reinforce the structure or, in extreme cases, tear down the original carport and rebuild. MiaSol FLEX 02 modules offer the same high efficiency power output as standard crystalline modules while weighing less than 9 oz/sf compared to 3 5 lbs. /sf for crystalline modules.

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“Each one of these moves says to the people of the state of Wisconsin: ‘Ride your bike less,'” Burke said. Politician = weasel. That’s my definition. We also accept pre recorded 30s and 60s (if you able to produce high quality PSAs) but these need to be submitted earlier. 1 2 months is ideal and should be sent as mp3s. You can also submit your events for our online calendar here..

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