Davis started the game red hot with two 3 pointers and eight

Maybe they saw him walking up the street alone. Maybe they saw him walking with someone else. Maybe they saw him get into a car, or go into a building. Davis started the game red hot with two 3 pointers and eight points in the first four minutes, prompting a 10 5 West Plains lead and an early Parkview timeout. The Vikings answered with a three of their own from JT Thompson, who hit a trio of them in the first quarter. Thompson finished with nine points..

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Rentz’ 21 consecutive victories and performances against Miami High remain indelibly etched in that rivalry. So much so that when he showed up to collect a Miami High Hall of Fame jacket on behalf of his ailing uncle, Frank Rentz, at a banquet a few years ago, the master of ceremonies, felt compelled to caution, “now Larry, the only reason why you’re here is because of Frank. We’re going to give you this jacket, but you’re not allowed to wear it.”.

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